Project Results

During the project implementation the partners will develop the following results:

  • PR1 – A Specialized software for design in the Health Care sector dynamic toolkit aimed at presenting several software/digital tools for booting digital competencies of HE lecturers/Academics and students.
  • PR2 – Course Design Principles and ErgoDesign Curriculum aimed at defining the principles on which to build the multidisciplinary curriculum (topics, learning outcomes, duration, etc.).
  • PR3 – A Collaborative Platform. aimed at creating a space for discussion and training for stakeholders, hosting the virtual community of practices.
  • PR4 – ErgoDesign Training Materials, aimed at filling the knowledge and skill gaps of the students, by providing them with theoretical formation and practical exercises.
  • PR5 – Handbook and e-learning course, aimed at creating resources to ease the replication of the ErgoDesign course by other organizations