Technical University of Košice, Slovakia

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     Košice Technical University is one of the leading universities of technology on a national basis, also known internationally for its expertise and the innovativeness of its educational offer. Košice Technical University (TUKE) was founded in 1952 and consists of nine faculties:
  1. Mining, ecology, process control and geo-technologies,
  2. Materials, metallurgy and recycling,
  3. Mechanical engineering,
  4. Electrical and computer engineering,
  5. Civil engineering,
  6. Economics,
  7. Production technologies,
  8. Arts,
  9. Aeronautics.
     The university has three campuses in two different cities. All the crucial activities of the University are provided by 1800 employees (about 900 are pedagogical staff and 150 researchers). There are also over 60 professional staff members who come from abroad. TUKE meets a wide range of educational needs not only in the eastern Slovak region but throughout Slovakia and central Europe. The university offers more than 400 accredited study programs in a full range, from Bachelor to Doctorate. Over 11,000 students are studying at the university, of which over 1,200 students come from more than 40 countries. Five centres of excellence and five leading Slovak research groups cover the University Science Park TECHNICOM. The University is part of numerous partnerships thanks to which it collaborates closely in scientific areas with more than 90 universities from almost 30 countries. These research groups have successfully completed many high-level projects at the university and they are still working on several high-level scientific projects. All TUKE Faculties collaborate with commercial partners with the aim of transferring the research results to the corporate dimension. The application of scientific results is a very important strength. The University is currently carrying out research projects funded by Horizon 2020 in areas related to those of the ErgoDesign project. For example, „A customized integrated care approach for service organizations and care models for patients with multi-morbidities and chronic conditions” and „Pulsating water jet as an orthopaedic technique without thermal and mechanical damage of large joints with an impact minimal traumatizing on the patient „: the results of these projects will be transferred to the execution of the ErgoDesign.