The ErgoDesign team
wishes You
a Merry Christmas
a Happy New Year 2023!

ErgoDesign Meeting,
November 2022

On November 10, 2022, the partners met online to discuss the most important issues related to the implementation of the survey within the Delphi Method. The elements of the Dissemination Plan were also recalled and its importance for the success of the ErgoDesign project was emphasized. What was established then was the need for further promotion of the project and intensification of activities on the expert survey supporting the determination of important issues in the field of our subject matter.

ErgoDesign - Erasmus+ Project during the Science Month at Varna University of Technology, September 2022

   The Science Month 2022 at Varna University of Technology began with the opening of the exhibition/competition "SCIENTIFIC ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TU - VARNA" on October 10, 2022.

   The event was officially opened by prof. Eng. Todor Ganczew, vice-rector for scientific activity. The event brought together students and lecturers of Varna University of Technology.

   Our Project implemented as part of the Erasmus+ project was also among the presented scientific activities!


Anna Stasiuk-Piekarska (PUT)