1st Transnational Project Meeting, September 2022

PR1: Presentation of the results from the evaluation from external expert on Dynamic Toolkit, discussion on possible improvements for the final version of the DT

Maria Balanou (NTUA) presented the Dynamic Toolkit (DT) developed by NTUA. She also showed the results of the questionnaire regarding this DT filled in by the external evaluators. It allowed us to define suggestions and improvements for its final version.

PR2: Update on “PR2/A1: State of-the-art and definition of first principles”

Beata Mrugalska (PUT) presented “PR2/A1: State of-the-art and definition of first principles”.  She proposed a common folder for ErgoDesign project on GDrive where the Academic partners can upload the requested information how HEI courses in topics related to ergonomic and bioengineering are designed and delivered in EU countries, focusing on methods and topics (special attention will be given to aspects relating to people with special needs’ requirements) and about good practices in other countries referring to training methodologies and practical activities meant for training students in the use of software and digital tools.

PR2: Brainstorming on “PR2/A2 Delphi study”

Anna Stasiuk-Piekarska (PUT) presented the Delphi Method. In order to evaluate the information collected in A1 and the design principles first version, the partners defined the criteria for the selection of a group of experts, from both partners and other countries, including also people with special needs and representatives of organizations working with people with special needs (including the AP).

PR3: Updates “PR3/A2: Constant update and maintaining of the platform”

Tihomir Dovramadjiev (TUV) presented the updates on PR3. The website and the platform are already connected. 

Angelos Markopoulos (NTUA)

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