4th virtual meeting, May 2022

The leader of the PR1, NTUA represented by Angelos Markopoulos, presented the software described by all the partners. The descriptions of the tools will represent the basis for the construction of the Dynamic Toolkit that will be made available in beta version for internal and external tests.

The leader of PR2, Beata Mrugalska (PUT), updated the partners on the state-of-art for PR2. All partners will collect information on how HEI courses in topics related to ergonomic and bioengineering are designed and delivered in EU countries, focusing on methods and topics. Special attention will be given to aspects relating to people with special needs’ requirements, so to provide information all along the modules design, of which the curriculum will be composed of, and develop a specific module in the final curriculum. Partners will also analyse good practices in other countries referring to training methodologies and practical activities meant for training students in the use of software and digital tools.

The leader of the PR3, TUV represented by Tihomir Dovramadjiev, presented the collaborative platform which is integrated in the Moodle. In the next step it will be integrated within the ErgoDesign project website.

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